Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Appreciating My Mother

We're at that just barely comfortable stage.  Colton is approaching three months old and he is letting us "think" we have him figured out.  Of course, everyone tells us that's when habits change, growth spurts occur etc.  Either way, we're enjoying him.  More smiles, more noises, less irritability- he really is such a good baby.  My mother said those exact words two days in.  My thought was "riiight Nana, how in the world can you tell?"  But sure enough, he really is a great baby.  Mom- you were right again.

While I'm on it, she has been right about a lot lately... she sold us on the perfect timing for a pacifier, convinced me to try out a new floor cleaner that has been wonderful and even gave Chris some vital lawn care advice the other day- new home owner stuff.  We're learning EVERY DANG DAY.

But these past three months, actually past

Father, Help Me Change

Heavenly Father,

There has been a great deal of change in my life over the past year, all of which I thank you for.  Whether I've immediately seen it as good or not, it has all been working out in my life for my good and your glory.  I know that you have been working in my heart to make me less selfish, and the change from "just the 2 of us" with Noelle and I, to the 3 of us with Colton has helped with that tremendously. I find myself more and more often thinking of Noelle and Colton first... not perfectly as you know, but more and more.  Thank you for all of your grace, and for the work of your Spirit in my life to lead me in that change.

While I've changed in many ways, I still feel there is

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Learning from the Father and Son

In one of my classes for seminary, I am able to develop a few of my own assignments based on things I feel I need to learn and grow in.  One of the assignments I gave for myself was to read the book of John and find some connecting points between THE Father and Son relationship and other father-son relationships.  When I created the assignment for myself, I was not certain what I would find - after all, I did not want to become heretical in saying that my relationship with Colton is similar to Jesus and the Father in terms of divinity, perfection, and so on.  However, I have found that in a general sense there are points at which the human relationship and divine relationship does intersect, and so I'll list a few of those here:

Reflection #1:  Sons reflect their fathers

Jesus had a