Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Father, Help Me Change

Heavenly Father,

There has been a great deal of change in my life over the past year, all of which I thank you for.  Whether I've immediately seen it as good or not, it has all been working out in my life for my good and your glory.  I know that you have been working in my heart to make me less selfish, and the change from "just the 2 of us" with Noelle and I, to the 3 of us with Colton has helped with that tremendously. I find myself more and more often thinking of Noelle and Colton first... not perfectly as you know, but more and more.  Thank you for all of your grace, and for the work of your Spirit in my life to lead me in that change.

While I've changed in many ways, I still feel there is
more change that needs to take place, Lord.  You know more areas than I even do in my own heart and life that need to change!  Father, help me change where I need to.  Help me identify and be willing to actively grow rather than be stagnant, withdrawing into routines and comfort that turn into selfishness and a heart unable to identify with people's needs.  Especially in regards to Colton, Lord, help me change to be the kind of man Colton would want to be like as he grows up.  He will naturally imitate me for a long time... then he will start to realize ways he's a lot like me (and different than me) - I don't want him to regret the ways he's like his dad, Lord.  I want him to see his dad as a man after your heart, a humble man who diligently loves his wife and everyone else around him.  Make me into that man Lord - help me change.

Father, you are so good and your love endures forever.  I need to dwell more constantly on your goodness, your faithfulness, and the strength you give me to endure when times are hard.  I still try to accomplish things in my own power - from work stuff to church stuff to family stuff - I need to change and be quicker to seek your help in everything.  Help me change Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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