Friday, May 17, 2013

What Are The Ritters Doing?

The Ritters are starting a blog... together.  "Together?" you ask.  Yes, together!  After deliberating for a while over what Chris' blog about fatherhood would be called - whether it should be "" or "" (kidding!) - we decided to start something both of us would contribute to on a regular basis and just sort of see what happens.  After all, we both love to write, a unique couple attribute we have found.

Our main goal is just to enjoy writing about life - the experiences with Colton that make us laugh and the ones that make us pause to reflect; the mistakes we make and some lessons learned along the way; how God is helping us, teaching us, and making us more like Christ.  We're trying not to lay too many expectations on ourselves.

But why the title?  Why "This Is Why We Love?"  It comes from the idea of 1 John 4:19 in the bible - "We love because he first loved us."  Human love is
most true when it is rooted in the love of God.  Love itself is not chemicals firing off in our brains, it is not just a feeling that starts in 6th grade with your first crush - love is part of the fabric of this world because of the Creator who is love.  His love is expressed in innumerable ways, but most fundamentally it is expressed in Jesus Christ coming into the world to reconcile sinners back to God.  Christ's sacrificial love is our model of love.  If it's been a while, or if you never have, we encourage you to read I John 4:7-21.  Hopefully after reading, it will become crystal clear why this is our blog's name.

We are glad you made it here to check this blog out - we'll do our best to post regularly, and will usually post individually - if nothing else because we each have our own writing style and would spend too much time editing each others comments to ever post anything together :-)  We think we'll enjoy this little adventure... and we hope you do too.

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