Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Six Months Reflection

I can't believe a little over six months ago, I held my baby boy for the first time.  I watched my husband change his first diaper.  I experienced real sleep deprivation.  And we became a family of three.  How has half a year already gone by?

As I have been reflecting for the last week, 2013 has been a major year of change for us.  We had a child, we bought a house, we have lost friends, new babies have been born, and our church has closed it's doors.  While all of these things have affected me in serious ways, the whole "having a child" thing is what has changed my everyday.

A friend of mine, mother of five, captures her moments of daily life through photography and posts them as #elevatetheeveryday.  I love this concept.  I'm realizing that motherhood with young children really can become a lot of repeating, watching development, waiting, and making everyday tasks ELEVATED so as to enjoy the most simple of things.  My hope is that Colton will learn this along with me.

This is why there's a song for changing his diaper.  This is why I actually wait to fold the laundry until he's awake and can play in it.  This is why I water the garden with him on my hip, so I can point out all the different vegetables to him.  This is why we eat lunch outside when we can, because the blanket on the grass makes such a cool sound.

Even when Colton is teething, growing or sick, I still try to stop and "smell the roses" as a mom.  Attempting to pause and remember that I'll be writing my reflections on a year before I know it, and all those pajamas I just ripped the tags off of will be boxed up and marked "baby clothes" before I can blink.

I'm also learning to be resourceful.  Because in order to "elevate the everyday," one has to plan to do so.  Things like when I'm chopping veggies for my scrambled eggs at 7am, I'll chop some for my sandwich and for dinner on the grill as well.  I'm giving myself set 20-30 minute chunks of time to clean while my kid is asleep.  Beyond that, I need to enjoy some time to myself (writing, reading, sleeping, skyping etc).

So six months in, Colton is sitting up, crawling, has two bottom teeth and is developing his personality.  He actually smiles on command for the camera, and loves to make little growling and spitting noises- such a boy.  We'll be starting solids at the end of the month which I believe he's going to love.  I read recently "food before one is just for fun."  I liked that.  It takes a lot of pressure off of it.  He'll go through likes, dislikes, plenty of messes and lots of discovery.

Here's to elevating the next six months.

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