Thursday, March 12, 2015

He's Changing My World

I became mother of a boy a month short of two years ago.  I had no idea that his "boyness" would change the way I see the world.  I mean, it dawned on me today that I drive differently, shop differently and literally THINK differently, with him in my life now.

I drive slowly around construction zones with the windows rolled down just so he can get a peak, or hear the beeping.

I preserve insects in a jar instead of washing them down the drain when rinsing my garden findings.

Every book I check out at the library has something to do with motorized vehicles.

A good day is when a tractor is found on a baseball field, dragging and adding dirt.  It's like a three in one.  Score!

Anytime I catch myself explaining why he can't go outside, I pause, slap myself and find his boots.  What was I thinking?

I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing the difference between a track excavator and a backhoe.

I never forget to put the garbage out, because that would be a sin. 

I try to shop at stores with "car carts" because life just goes better that way.

I never get a ball out unless there is a "bat" to go with it.  Otherwise, there are tears.

To be honest, people ask us all the time when we're gonna have another kid.  We have been praying toward those efforts for what seems like a while now.  There was a significant period of time when growing our family became almost an obsessive goal in my mind.  Until, I watched my kid playing with his trucks.  So intent.  So content.  So focused with the toy at hand.  Not worried about his next meal, or his next activity, or his next nap.  All attention on the trucks in front of him.

He's my truck right now.  I'm captivated.  Focused.  And I don't want to miss a thing, while worrying about the future.  God's got that part.

I love being a mother of a boy.  Especially this one.


  1. I feel so blessed every time I read your blogs, Noelle. ♥♥♥

  2. This is epic and proportional to the amount of love ,prayer and time you invest in him.